hey yall.

i’m reggie.

i’m 22, i live in the dallas area, and i love puppies beyond belief.

I have a severe anxiety and a major clinical depression disorder, and i don’t have much of an authentic personality anymore. it is really all just social customs learned to keep people from noticing the pain i was in. when i wrote though, all those feelings i thought i didn’t have anymore flowed on to the paper and created something real.

i don’t have much to say about myself that you won’t later learn from the blog, and i don’t want to ruin a good story, so ill keep it short and sweet.

if you ever get the chance to meet me, make me laugh. tell me bad puns and even worse pickup lines. i’m loyal to a fault and my friends mean the world to me. my favorite color is purple and i love the smell of lavender. my friend has gotten me recently obsessed with incense and essential oils, and i’m insanely empathetic. i have two younger sisters, Jamie and Georgie, and i live in dallas currently.

okay. i think that is all you really need to know for these posts (the early ones at least) to make sense.