2:29 PM

ADVENTURE 4: Angry Dog Bar, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

I got world famous wings and cheese fries.

my stomach will never tolerate this. but it’s for the experience right? i even got a beer- and i hate beers. but man o man. this food is the bomb diggity.

this definitely isn’t a food blog by the way, i just happen to like adventures and adventures happen to include food sometimes.


our adventurous week comes to an end where it started- deep ellum. the rock n roll heart of dallas. this is my favorite area. i came up here to write a paper i have for school. i’m really good at writing rhetorical analysis papers because I’m a good persuasive writer, but I’ve had hardcore writer’s block lately, so we will see how this actually goes. i know i should be doing that right now, so i’ll try to write today’s post quickly.

I ran into a girl from my sorority while on my adventure today. I ran into her at the coffee shop from the fiasco the last time I was in Deep Ellum (remember? when I got here and was too hungry but had unpacked and then had to move to a different spot). I wasn’t good at the sorority thing. I was depressed, anti-social, self-conscious and addicted to pot. I had no desire to try and interact with those girls. That was so stupid of me. They are guaranteed friends and I turned them away just like that. She asked to hang out sometime when I was back up in the city, and you know what, I think I’m going to take her up on that offer. I need more girl friends, and they went to Alabama, and they are near me in Texas… like come on I’d be stupid not to try and be friends with this girl and the other girls in the city from my sorority.

In case you were wondering, I was a Delta Gamma at the University of Alabama. We had a beautiful southern mansion to live in, there was 130 girls roughly per pledge class, and everyone was GORGEOUS and PERFECT. With all my mental health problems, I just didn’t fit it, I didn’t try to fit in. Biggest regret of college. Honest. I should have been so much more active in my sorority. I just couldn’t find my place.

Do you ever wonder about your place in the world? I have been reading a book about the evolution of the human species, its really interesting, but mainly it has been making me think of the significance of my daily activities. Humans were originally a nomadic species, and they were perfectly nourished by the forests, but then the human imagination evolved quicker than the people and they spread out, became sedentary, became miserable. Humans have a instinctual travel bug, so who is to say we even have a “place” in this world? Is there a real “home” for us? I’ve never felt like Texas was my home, I haven’t been remorseful about moving out of my childhood home, yet every time I leave and go out into the world is when I’ve had the worst problems, so do we have a place in this world?  Or are we meant to wander?

I’d like to think we were meant to wander, meant to see the world we inhabit. I think part of life is experiencing the cultures and the foods and the colors and the smells and the animals and the architecture of the world. I think part of life is understanding all life, and all its inhabitants. Exploring is natural, humans have an innate curiousity- exercise it! One of the girls I went to Africa with is currently in India… I’m so jealous that if I had no boundaries, I’d probably rob her of her ticket and trade places with her. Another friend I went to Africa with is living in Spain and touring Europe in her spare time. That is fucking incredible. It is literally all I want in life- to explore. I love learning, and I learn best from experiencing.

I think that is my “place” in the world…adrift among the world’s treasures. So, if y’all know of any jobs that would allow me to do this, PLEASE TELL ME OKAY???

Do you think people know their place in the world? Statistics say that more that 50% of people think they are above average, so realistically, do you think people know how they stack up? And what is the judgement for deciding how they would stack up? I was talking to my sister about this the other day. Currency is made it. It is a figment of our imagination of balance the “debt” we owe. So we judge people on how much of this “debt solution” they have? Why don’t we judge based on accomplishment? Why do we even judge at all? If we were all trusting of each other, if we were all good, we could just share, trade, you know, be friend? Hippie talk right? That can’t happen. And you’re right, it can’t, because people made it that way.

That’s it. I promise. There’s no more conspiracy talk from me.

So that’s my day so far. TTYL peeps.


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