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I’m back bitches. Happy Chinese New Year y’all.

I’ve had terrible writer’s block, and life has been just kicking my ass in general tbh, so writing wasn’t my top priority. I’m sick currently, and getting stir crazy, so the ideas are flowing man.

My family is getting ready to put our house up for sale, so we’ve been going through everything and seeing what we can sell, give away, and throw away, and goodness y’all… the memories.

This house has been my home since I turned 9. That’s 14 years of memories. 14 years of smiles and tears, laughter and fights, friends and family. I know this house from the foundation to the roof, and soon, soon I won’t see it ever again.

That is the most depressing thought. It scared the fuck outta me.

Soon I will have to find a new home. I have no idea where to go y’all. I have no idea what I am going to do.

Can you empathize with that? My entire life is about to change… I’m scared.

I’m scared because I’ve always had this home as a back-up. It has always been a safety net, and I’ve needed it. Will I be okay without it? I don’t know if I’m ready to be on my own, and by the end of this year I will be on my own. It is a strange thought- not knowing where you’ll be in a year’s time.


This is the year of the dog, and according to my horoscope, it is gonna be a great year!


It has been a shit year for me so far.


It is only up from here, am I right?!

The truth is, even though I’m scared shitless about what the future holds, I’m also insanely excited. I haven’t been excited about the future since I was 15, since I became depressed. This is a splendid new feeling, and as terrible as I’ve been feeling, it feels nice. So, raise a glass to the year of the dog!


10 Things

have you ever seen the movie 10 things i hate about you? you know, the one with heath ledger and julia stiles? the classic rom-com?

well, there’s a poem she reads at the end, and this is my version.

i hate you.

i hate you so damn much.

i hate your dumb jokes and your dumb hair,

and i hate how you make me cuss.

i love you.

i love you so much it hurts.

i love your smile and your laugh,

and i love how you try to flirt.

i miss you.

i miss you every night.

i miss your comforting scent and your warm blue eyes,

i miss how you would hold me tight.


Do you ever listen to music while zoning out and get insanely touched by the songs?

That happens to me all the time, I’m not sure if it is normal or not, but music really affects me, down to the core, if I’m really listening to it. The lyrics will resonate with me, make me think of what could have been the context of this song, how it felt to sing those words, the rhythm, the brightness, the emotion… I feel all of it.

I wish real life had a sound track.






I wish real life had a musical ubiquity. I wish my emotions could be portrayed through music, as much as they are through words and expressions. I think the words will mean more when they are reiterated in song.

So, if you couldn’t tell, I was listening to a song that really got me thinking about life, and I cried listening to it, thinking what could have been.

That is the curse of life isn’t it? Knowing what could have been, but never being sure enough to make the decision, never knowing if the gamble will pay off. Is that cowardliness? Should I take the risk more often? It is hard to make that choice and hope it pays off when you don’t have anything to fall back on, but I suppose that is why they call it a risk.

I took a risk when I switched my major from mechanical engineering to English literature, but I can’t think of another big risk…do I play it too safe? I’ve been living with diagnosed depression and anxiety since I was 16. I kept living for my parents, for my sisters, for my friends, for my family- I live for the hope that they are right, that it will get better; yet, I do nothing to improve my life. Well, I haven’t until recently.

The decisions I made weren’t for me, they were for my mom. The first decision I feel I made on my own was switching my major. I have always been an independent gal, but I’ve never lived for myself, I’ve never wanted anything for myself.

I want simple things. I want to be stress-free. I want to love someone and have them love me in return. I want to do what makes me happy. I want to enjoy what I’ve built for myself.

The problem is there’s no directions on how to get what you want in life. There’s no map, no key, no password, and no guarantee, yet people risk it every day. I used to think those people were crazy, why not just play it safe? But they are right, what kind of life is that? YOLO right?

So, take a chance. Kiss the girl. Buy the ticket. Tell him you love him. Ask for that promotion. You know, risk it to get the biscuit.


“Yes. I remember. It was particularly cold that day. The air was almost frozen in place and a light frost sparkled in the sky as it fell to the ground. There was one snowflake that was particularly exciting- delicate lace patterns etched in ice to form the perfect flake. It slowly glided down toward the earth and my eyes followed it all the way to the silhouette of a tall, broad figure. That was when I noticed him for the first time. He hadn’t noticed me yet, so I had a moment to observe him. He was wearing a black leather jacket and had a biker’s helmet nestled under him arm. His brown eyes felt like the warm fire I was longing for, his well-kept scruff matched his well-kept hair, and his smile was a pure white as the snow he was also watching fall from the sky. That’s when he noticed me. And our eyes met. I felt this wonderful pain in my heart, like this man had the potential to make me the happiest, and the saddest, girl in the world. I couldn’t look away. He was my future, I could feel it. He must have felt it too, because he never took his eyes off mine.”



2:22 AM

i used to have insomnia. whelp i’m convinced i still have it because occasionally i’ll sleep forever and then be up for days. this is one of those days. i finished a paper, did laundry, put away laundry, made gluten free pancakes and brownies and omg i’m so awake. someone send help. pls.

i’m watching rick and morty now. this show is great. it’s such a time waster. it’s such guy humor and it’s so stupid yet smart and seriously just watch it. at least one episode. it’s just goofy.

what do y’all do when you can’t sleep? i’m productive. like hella productive. it’s my “me” time when i’m on day one or two of being awake. i also work at 5 AM so i’m probably just going to try and stay up until i go to work and try to sleep after. hopefully that will make me tired. my sleep schedule is a mess man. starbucks has me working so early in the morning, but i don’t sleep well, so i nap during the day occasionally, but hey, that’s the average life of a 22 year old right?

side note/pro tip:

if you don’t sleep well get incense. or an oil diffuser. or a candle. or a lava lamp. something that can be ignored but brightens your night a bit for when they are long and miserable. decorate your room. make your space cozy and unique and great for you. if i’m really awake, and i really can’t sleep, and it’s a long night, i love doing my makeup and cleaning and trying on outfits. that’s the girly girl in me. i’ll open the window and burn my lavender incense and turn on my twinkle lights and lava lamp and burn candles and it’s my own little paradise.

life has been rough for me. i don’t need to get into it, but having that refuge…i get it. it’s nice. i didn’t get that before and it ruined a relationship, a friendship of mine. i finally get it though. and i’m going to be okay. i’m not good at losing friends. i always fight for them to stay in my life, and rejection is hard, but it is just a fact of life we have to accept. i get it. these concepts- letting go, rejection- im working on it. it’s hard for me.

it’s actually my biggest fear in life- being hated by someone. i just want to make people happy, and i want people to be thankful for it. that’s it. so when i feel unwanted in anyway, i close up, and i feel awful on the inside and become almost submissive until i feel like i’m on their good side again. it’s a bad bad habit of mine. i need to not be as sensitive to other’s opinions. i don’t know why i’m like this or what started it, but it needs to stop.

it’s 3:08 now, i’m a little tired. i work at 5, i should probably take a quick nap. laters baby.


2:29 PM

ADVENTURE 4: Angry Dog Bar, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

I got world famous wings and cheese fries.

my stomach will never tolerate this. but it’s for the experience right? i even got a beer- and i hate beers. but man o man. this food is the bomb diggity.

this definitely isn’t a food blog by the way, i just happen to like adventures and adventures happen to include food sometimes.


our adventurous week comes to an end where it started- deep ellum. the rock n roll heart of dallas. this is my favorite area. i came up here to write a paper i have for school. i’m really good at writing rhetorical analysis papers because I’m a good persuasive writer, but I’ve had hardcore writer’s block lately, so we will see how this actually goes. i know i should be doing that right now, so i’ll try to write today’s post quickly.

I ran into a girl from my sorority while on my adventure today. I ran into her at the coffee shop from the fiasco the last time I was in Deep Ellum (remember? when I got here and was too hungry but had unpacked and then had to move to a different spot). I wasn’t good at the sorority thing. I was depressed, anti-social, self-conscious and addicted to pot. I had no desire to try and interact with those girls. That was so stupid of me. They are guaranteed friends and I turned them away just like that. She asked to hang out sometime when I was back up in the city, and you know what, I think I’m going to take her up on that offer. I need more girl friends, and they went to Alabama, and they are near me in Texas… like come on I’d be stupid not to try and be friends with this girl and the other girls in the city from my sorority.

In case you were wondering, I was a Delta Gamma at the University of Alabama. We had a beautiful southern mansion to live in, there was 130 girls roughly per pledge class, and everyone was GORGEOUS and PERFECT. With all my mental health problems, I just didn’t fit it, I didn’t try to fit in. Biggest regret of college. Honest. I should have been so much more active in my sorority. I just couldn’t find my place.

Do you ever wonder about your place in the world? I have been reading a book about the evolution of the human species, its really interesting, but mainly it has been making me think of the significance of my daily activities. Humans were originally a nomadic species, and they were perfectly nourished by the forests, but then the human imagination evolved quicker than the people and they spread out, became sedentary, became miserable. Humans have a instinctual travel bug, so who is to say we even have a “place” in this world? Is there a real “home” for us? I’ve never felt like Texas was my home, I haven’t been remorseful about moving out of my childhood home, yet every time I leave and go out into the world is when I’ve had the worst problems, so do we have a place in this world?  Or are we meant to wander?

I’d like to think we were meant to wander, meant to see the world we inhabit. I think part of life is experiencing the cultures and the foods and the colors and the smells and the animals and the architecture of the world. I think part of life is understanding all life, and all its inhabitants. Exploring is natural, humans have an innate curiousity- exercise it! One of the girls I went to Africa with is currently in India… I’m so jealous that if I had no boundaries, I’d probably rob her of her ticket and trade places with her. Another friend I went to Africa with is living in Spain and touring Europe in her spare time. That is fucking incredible. It is literally all I want in life- to explore. I love learning, and I learn best from experiencing.

I think that is my “place” in the world…adrift among the world’s treasures. So, if y’all know of any jobs that would allow me to do this, PLEASE TELL ME OKAY???

Do you think people know their place in the world? Statistics say that more that 50% of people think they are above average, so realistically, do you think people know how they stack up? And what is the judgement for deciding how they would stack up? I was talking to my sister about this the other day. Currency is made it. It is a figment of our imagination of balance the “debt” we owe. So we judge people on how much of this “debt solution” they have? Why don’t we judge based on accomplishment? Why do we even judge at all? If we were all trusting of each other, if we were all good, we could just share, trade, you know, be friend? Hippie talk right? That can’t happen. And you’re right, it can’t, because people made it that way.

That’s it. I promise. There’s no more conspiracy talk from me.

So that’s my day so far. TTYL peeps.




Adventure 3: Bishop Arts District, Dallas, Texas

Today’s adventure is a little different. Every city has areas with their own quirks and personality, and today I’m in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. This area (Oak Cliff) used to be very low-income, high crime rates, and just basically scary. I, as a 22 year old smallish female, wouldn’t have dared stepped foot in Oak Cliff even two years ago. It’s been gentrified though, and as much as I don’t agree with gentrification in areas with an already distinct mark on the city, making areas safer…Im all for that. Oak Cliff has changed quite a bit though since Bishop Arts became a big hipster scene. There’s coffee shops, little boutiques, print shops, and antique stores everywhere and it’s lovely. ANYWAYS the reason this adventure is different is I didn’t stay in a coffee shop here all day. I’m actually exploring.

Today we are starting in Veracruz Cafe.

Dude. If you’ve been to Dallas and you love Mexican food like I do, COME HERE. THE FOOD IS AMAZING. And they serve classic mexican food along with mayan, aztec, and tex-mex. It is literally my heaven. The decor is bold and tacky, the food is spicy, the wait line is virtually zero, and the wait staff is so nice. You’ve gotta check it out- and no I’m not getting paid to say this.


The prices are outrageously low too. for lunch I had 8 oz carne asada, à gordita, salad, beans and rice for $10. Chips and salsa were complimentary as well as water. Seriously y’all….if you’re ever around this area. Come here. It’s worth every penny.

After the yummy in my tummy mexican food, I’m walking down the street to a bookstore I found online while googling good homework places in Dallas. It’s called the Wild Detective Bookstore, and I’m super excited to check it out.

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